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Audio Reinforcement

Take advantage of our IP devices to make communication more effective and improve the daily experience for everyone at your office, healthcare facility, or public space. These audio features transition smoothly to higher-priority pages and alerts.

How Our Devices Help


Voice Amplification

Amplify your voice during a lecture or a presentation by leveraging your existing Advanced Network Devices IP speakers in the room. Simply connect a wireless microphone and receiver to an IP device to broadcast the speaker’s voice to all the devices in the room to help with the projection of sound.


Sound Masking

Reduce distractions and protect privacy with built-in sound masking. All IP devices with speakers include sound masking with several configurable variations of pink and white noise to cover up the frequency of human speech and make conversations less distracting. We recommend installing a grid of IP ceiling speakers such as the IPSCM or IPSCM-RMe to effectively protect private conversations. 


Background Music

Broadcast background music to specific IP devices or groups of devices to enhance the audio environment of your facility. Additionally, you can provide multiple music options to curate different streams to different zones or rooms using ClockWise Campus multi-source audio capabilities.

Want to See our Devices in Action?

Schedule a demonstration with our team of sales professionals. Through a virtual session, experience the full range of offerings from Advanced Network Devices.