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Mass Notification

In an emergency situation, the timely informing and directing of all to safety is critical. A mass notification system should be designed to reach everyone, in multiple ways at multiple places, as quickly and as reliably as possible.

IP endpoints from Advanced Network Devices can deliver messages in numerous audio and visual formats thus assuring that all occupants, whether inside or outside a facility, can both see and hear critical messaging, in a timely manner.

How Our Devices Help



Take full advantage of the capabilities of HD IP Displays from Advanced Network Devices. Effectively reach a large group using multi-color text and graphics when sending non-critical and critical messaging and alerts. Get their attention with color-coded flashers and corresponding messaging.

Customize your announcements, engage with your photos, use maps to guide people through your facility, or most importantly, provide timely, detailed instructions to occupants in the event of an emergency. If multi-language messaging is required, our IP displays support special foreign language characters.



Keep students and staff on time and on schedule with clocks and bells synchronized via the network. Engage with passing period music, countdown timers, and warnings. Configure and manage schedules with ClockWise Campus software (included with device purchase) or approved third-party software.


Severe Weather Alerting

As severe weather approaches, it often becomes a race against time to alert facility occupants on where and how to seek shelter. Our devices can display local Weather Service RSS feeds and issue an appropriate alert and corresponding instruction, based on a received CAP message. We help to provide people ample time to take appropriate safety measures, during a severe weather emergency.


Outbound Emergency Calls

Improve emergency response times through the use of a Call Button or Smart IP Button from Advanced Network Devices. With a simple button press, place a call and send a pre-recorded audio message to 911, through your VoIP/SIP provider. Play the message on repeat until the 911 dispatcher ends the call.


Critical Event Alerting

It’s a must for facilities to maintain safety and security protocols that include how to inform during a critical event or emergency. A mass notification system, equipped with IP endpoint devices from Advanced Network Devices, allows for tailored informational and directive communications to the various points of a facility. We help alert and inform in a timely, efficient manner.


Building Lockdown

The reason to initiate a facility lockdown may range from precautionary to imminent danger. A lockdown procedure should complete safely and efficiently with clear informational and directive communications provided to all. Education, healthcare, and government facilities are leveraging Advanced Network Devices’ SIP-enabled Smart IP Button to initiate lockdown through the press of a button. This action locks doors, places a call with a pre-recorded audio message to first responders, and initiates communications through our IP displays and speakers.

Want to See our Devices in Action?

Schedule a demonstration with our team of sales professionals. Through a virtual session, experience the full range of offerings from Advanced Network Devices.