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Case Studies & Videos

By implementing IP solutions from Advanced Network Devices, customers have greatly improved communications and enhanced the security of their facilities. Learn how.

Walton Central School District Streamlines Emergency Preparedness with IP-Based Solution

Solution: Emergency Planning, Paging, Fire Panel, IP Cameras, Zone Controller (ZONE C2) Singlewire, Cisco Phone Integration, IP Displays

Birdville ISD Locks Down School with the Push of a Button

Solution: Security, Smart IP Button (IPBTN), Lockdown

Pembina Trails Updates Paging and Bell System within Budget

Solution: Paging, Bell Scheduling, Zone Controller (ZONEC2)

Forest Lake Makes Communication More Effective Integrating Phones, Singlewire, and IP Displays

Solution: Paging, Bell Scheduling, Emergency Alerts, Singlewire InformaCast, JIVE VoIP Phones

The HD IP Display Collection

Solution: Paging, Intercom, Bells, Emergency Notification, Messaging, Code Alerts, Security Integration, Way Finding, Timers

IP Solutions for Security

Solution: Security Integration, Lockdown, Critical Alerts

HD Education Solutions

Solution: Paging, Intercom, Bells, Emergency Notification, Messaging, Teacher Tools

HD Healthcare Solutions

Solution: Code Alerts, Way Finding, Security, Messaging, Emergency Notification, Paging, Intercom

Outdoor IP Paging Solutions

Solution: Outdoor Paging, Outdoor Strobe, Outdoor Callbox

Paging & Intercom Solutions

Solution: Paging, Intercom

Bishop Hartley High School Replaces Old Paging

Solution: Paging, Bell Scheduling