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Make your security system more effective and reliable with IP devices that can help monitor activity and control access by connecting sensors, contact closures, and electronic locks to meet security protocol requirements over the network.

How Our Devices Help


Security Monitoring

Trigger security alerts with analog motion sensors and contact closures connected directly to the IP device, keeping the facility safe and secure via the network. Our IP devices can act as an intermediary between fire panels and security systems to set off contact closures, sensors, locks, audio alerts, emails, pre-recorded audio messages, text notifications, and more. For example, you can leverage our Zone Controller to automate releasing the magnetic holdbacks on fire doors the moment a fire is detected in the building all while broadcasting audio instructions throughout the IP speakers in the facility. Advanced Network Devices can fill that void between multiple systems to automate security protocols and enhance safety and security for everyone.


Access Control

Configure IP devices to lock or unlock doors in an instant to prevent unwanted security breaches in your facility. Using contact closures or IP cameras, the system can also alert your security office when a door stays open for a specified period of time. Manage access via SIP-enabled devices, such that those with credentials can lock and unlock doors using a VoIP / SIP-based phone for everyday entry into the building, or provide a way for the system to control access during an emergency situation.


Building Lockdown

Improve emergency response time during extreme critical events, such as an active shooter, by enabling lockdown procedures via the push of a button, and configuring the mass notification system to initiate a series of alerts over the network. Schools, healthcare facilities, and government buildings have leveraged our SIP-enabled Smart IP Button to lock doors and send a pre-recorded call to first responders, as well as broadcast special instructions on our IP displays and speakers to automate safety and security procedures.

Want to See our Devices in Action?

Schedule a demonstration with our team of sales professionals. Through a virtual session, experience the full range of offerings from Advanced Network Devices.