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An industrial environment such as a warehouse or plant floor can be large, noisy, and often high-ceilinged. For such environments, capturing the attention of employees with daily messaging and critical alerts requires messaging that can be both seen and heard.

IP speakers and displays from Advanced Network Devices are equipped with high-efficiency speakers; bright, multi-colored flashers; and high-resolution displays. Offered in a variety of sizes to fit the needs of a facility, our devices ensure that messages and critical alerts are received by all employees, regardless of a noisy environment or large room size.


How Our Devices Help


Hazard Alerts

Employee safety is a top priority within an industrial facility. Having a system in place for effectively communicating safety hazards will not only help keep employees safe but also help comply with OSHA emergency action requirements. Ensure employees know where to go and how to stay safe when or if an incident occurs by leveraging ANetD’s strobes, flashers, speakers, and displays to automate alerts for chemical exposure, electrical or fire accidents, or machinery malfunctions. Text and flasher colors can also be coordinated with specific incidents to help standardize emergency preparedness and response.


Severe Weather Alerts

As soon as a severe weather alert is issued, it’s important to promptly notify and instruct employees on what to expect and what action to take in order to stay safe. You can configure ANetD devices to display local Weather Service RSS feeds followed by situation-specific emergency instructions, such as “SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY — DO NOT VENTURE OUT”, thereby providing sufficient time for employees to take appropriate action.


Access Control

Secure and monitor your facility through the network by connecting IP devices to analog security devices, such as locks, sensors, or contact closures. Lock or unlock doors using our IP Call Box or VoIP phones. Send instant notifications to mobile devices, VoIP phones, or select email addresses whenever a door remains open or someone gains access to an unauthorized room or space.



Use bells and tones to keep staff informed and on schedule through automated scheduling of recurring events such as shift changes and break periods.

Industrial Solutions

Equip your industrial facility with multipurpose IP devices which provide value beyond paging and intercom.