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Faced with the potential for a variety of safety and security threats, government facilities often plan and prepare for how to best notify occupants, if a threatening situation occurs.

Through the use of IP devices such as panic buttons, displays, and speakers from Advanced Network Devices, government facilities can automate facility lockdowns, communicate weather alerts, and provide clear, specific instructions as to what to do or where to go. Employing colorful graphics, images, scrolling text, flashers, and pre-recorded audio makes for effective, timely threat alert communications.


How Our Devices Help


Panic Button

Front desk personnel are at the forefront of security and emergency concerns. SIP-enabled IP buttons enable instant alerts that can lock all the doors in a building, broadcast special instructions, and call emergency responders with a pre-recorded message – all with one push of a button.


Broadcast Emergency Alerts

Broadcast urgent notifications and instructions using IP devices, with text, flashers, and graphics on displays, and alert sounds and announcements on speakers. Use strobes as an additional mode of emergency notification or alert messaging.


Access Control

Monitor the security of your facility over the network by connecting IP devices to automated locks, sensors, or contact closures. Lock or unlock doors using the IP Call Box or VoIP phones. Receive instant notifications on mobile devices, VoIP phones, or email addresses when a door is left open for a specific period of time or an unauthorized individual enters a room, wing, or building.


Background Music

Broadcast music to specific devices or groups of devices to enhance the customer experience in the lobby. ClockWise Campus software has multi-source audio capabilities that allow you to select which music source will play in a specific zone(s) or room(s).


Sound Masking

Protect speech privacy with the sound masking functionality in the IP ceiling speakers (IPSCM , IPSCM-RMe). White noise is designed to cover up the frequency of human speech and make conversations less distracting.

Government Solutions

Equip your government facility with multipurpose IP speakers that provide value beyond paging and intercom functionality.

IP Solutions for Security
Paging and Intercom Solutions