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Paging & Intercom

Our IP devices enable visual and audio communication throughout a facility, with the flexibility to target a room, a wing, a building, or an entire campus. Send live or pre-recorded pages, engage directly with any room via a two-way intercom, and schedule custom messaging to any group of devices via the network. You can integrate all IP devices easily with your VoIP / SIP-based phone system to receive and initiate SIP calls, as well as group the devices into paging zones.

IT administrators can rest assured that all messages reach their destination successfully by monitoring the status of all IP devices on the network and receiving immediate updates for devices that need attention. Upgrade your antiquated paging and intercom system with IP speakers and displays that will guarantee the delivery of everyday and critical announcements.

How Our Devices Help



Our IP devices with speakers function as a paging system, broadcasting live announcements and recorded messages over the network via multicast. Pages can override any background music or other lower-priority messaging and audio.


Two-Way Intercom

Built-in microphones and speakers on IP devices enable intercom functionality with hands-free, full-duplex two-way communication. Initiate a call with a push of a button, and speak between a phone and the device, or between devices.

– Call buttons can call up to two extensions — either internal or external.
– IP devices can auto-answer incoming calls hands-free.
– IP devices can act as an extension for SIP / VoIP-based systems.


Compatible VoIP / SIP-Based Providers

All Advanced Network Devices IP products can integrate within a SIP environment. You can configure our IP displays, IP speakers, and zone controller to receive SIP phone calls, and use our buttons to initiate SIP phone calls.

Our devices have successfully interfaced with the top VoIP and SIP-based providers such as:
– Cisco Unified Communications Manager
– Avaya
– Grandstream
– Mitel
– Polycom
and more!

Contact our tech support team to verify compatibility with your provider and configure your system at 847-463-2237 or


SIP Rebroadcasting

Our IP devices provide the capability to set up SIP rebroadcasting, which can save customers money on licensing costs. SIP rebroadcasting involves licensing one specific IP device within the VoIP platform with a SIP address, while the remaining IP speakers listen for various multicast streams corresponding to different zones to rebroadcast audio.

Contact our tech support team for more information at 847-463-2237 or

Want to See our Devices in Action?

Schedule a demonstration with our team of sales professionals. Through a virtual session, experience the full range of offerings from Advanced Network Devices.