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Daily, healthcare facilities may face several patient emergencies requiring timely coordination of facility staff. Less frequent, yet always a concern, are security events that pose a challenge to the provision of care in a safe and secure environment. IP-based solutions enable healthcare facilities to efficiently and effectively inform when or if a patient health or facility security issue arises.

Our devices allow for alerts, pre-recorded messages, and live announcements to be sent to individual IP devices, a group of devices, or all devices within a facility. Time is critical in an emergency. IP devices help healthcare facilities improve response times and outcomes.

How Our Devices Help


Code Alerts

Healthcare facility environments can be distracting. Initiating code alerts combining color text, audio, and graphics with corresponding code color flashers can help break through the distraction. Effectively capture the attention of the intended audience and coordinate their response through high-priority, customized messaging via IP endpoints from Advanced Network Devices.


Panic Button

Healthcare facilities face a wide range of security and emergency concerns on a daily basis. IP buttons enable instant alerts that can lock all the doors in a building, broadcast special instructions, and call emergency responders with a pre-recorded message – all with one push of a button.



Help visitors find their way to their destination. HD IP displays can show high-resolution building maps, graphics, and detailed instructions that combine to capture and engage visitors as they navigate your healthcare facility.


Sound Masking

Protect speech privacy between patients and staff with the sound masking functionality available in the IP ceiling speakers (IPSCM , IPSCM-RMe). Take advantage of white and pink noise options, designed to cover up the frequency of human speech and make conversations less distracting.

Healthcare Solutions

Equip your healthcare facility with multipurpose IP devices which provide value beyond paging and intercom.

Healthcare Solutions
Paging & Intercom Solutions