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Schools depend on paging and communication systems for announcements, bells, emergency messaging, and more. Advanced Network Devices designed its IP devices to ensure every message reaches the intended audience, whether targeting a single room, wing, building, or campus.

We integrate with existing phones, security, and emergency systems. Additionally, our multi-purpose IP displays can use live and recorded voice, sounds, music, graphics, text, flashers, and strobes to effectively capture attention and if needed, direct students and staff to safety.


How Our Devices Help


Messaging / Announcements

IP devices with speakers function as a paging system that can broadcast live or recorded messages throughout the day, overriding any background music or other audio of a lower priority.


Bell Scheduling

Keep students and staff on time and on schedule with clocks and bells synchronized via the network. Engage with passing period music, countdown timers, and warnings. Configure and manage schedules with ClockWise Campus software (included with device purchase) or approved third-party software.


Critical Alerts

Broadcast critical alerts and instructions through IP devices installed throughout the facility. Combine colorful text, graphics, and alert-specific sounds. Follow-up with live, directive communications, multi-colored flashers, and strobes.


Teacher Tools

Encourage engagement in the classroom with built-in teacher tools designed for HD IP Displays. The ClockWise Campus web interface provides teachers the ability to directly interact with their classroom IP display. Leverage built-in quiz games for exam prep, a timer, a scoreboard, celebration messages, and more!


Building Lockdown

The reason to initiate a facility lockdown may range from precautionary to imminent danger. A lockdown procedure should complete safely and efficiently with clear informational and directive communications provided to all. Education facilities are leveraging Advanced Network Devices’ SIP-enabled Smart IP Button to initiate lockdown through the press of a button as doing so locks doors, places a call with a pre-recorded audio message to first responders and initiates communications through our IP displays and speakers.

Education Solutions

Equip your education facility with multipurpose IP devices which provide value beyond paging and intercom.

Education Case Studies

By implementing IP solutions from Advanced Network Devices, customers have greatly improved communications and
enhanced the security of their facilities. Learn how.