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Zone Controller

Model Number: ZONEC2

Connect non-network devices to the network with the Zone Controller. The full-featured, multi-purpose unit interacts directly with an organization’s mass notification system, acting as a hub for a variety of devices. The ZONEC2 can connect to an amplifier to broadcast audio via the network to analog speakers. It can also act as an intermediary between fire panels, security systems, and sensors to automate safety procedures.

The ZONEC2 also integrates with approved third-party software and includes ClockWise Campus software with purchase.


Category: IP Hubs

Made in USA & ISO Certified
Available on the Cisco GPL

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Connect an existing amplifier, sensor, contact closure, access control device, microphone, CD/MP3 player, strobe, and more.


ClockWise Campus software included. Compatible with approved third-party software.


Call to page analog speakers. Easily interfaces with VoIP / SIP phone systems.

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