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How do I install and setup an IP display or speaker device?

Installation only requires access to an Ethernet cable connected to a PoE switch. Once connected to the network, the device will power up automatically. For detailed installation and setup instructions, download our Full Installation and Setup Guide for AND IP Devices.

Can AND devices run without software?

If you only need to tell time, show date, and a logo, then the device will work without software (it displays the time automatically, and you can configure the date and logo via the web server interface). If you wish to send text or audio to it or wish to inter-operate with your paging or phone system, then you will need some more control to device functionality via ClockWise Campus or other third-party software. AND ClockWise Campus applies well for smaller scale networks and simpler operations. Large scale operations and thorough phone system integration typically require third-party software.

How do I access the status and settings for a device?

If using ClockWise Campus, double-click on any device listed to access its web server (or right-mouse-click and select View Devices Webpage).

If you have Apple’s Bonjour Services installed, you may use a URL with the name of the speaker (based on its serial number), such as http://ipspeaker2046f9001234.local. Find the serial number imprinted on a sticker attached to the board.

If using third-party VoIP software, contact them directly. Some disallow this functionality this for security reasons.

If using no software, you can find the IP address for the device in your router’s address table, and then type that into your browser address bar (for example: You can also use Apple’s Bonjour or other general application to find the IP address of a given device.

If using no software, you can also use the device’s link local IPv6 address. Type the IPv6 address of the device into your browser address bar using the following syntax, where xx:xxxx is the last 6 digits of the device’s MAC address: http://[fe80::2246:f9ff:fexx:xxxx]

How far away can a viewer reasonably read the displays?

Small IP display devices – 40 feet
Large IP display devices – 150 feet
**orange text appears the brightest for reading

What maximum cable length do the IP devices support?

The maximum length for a cable segment is 100 meters (328 feet). If you require longer runs, you must use active hardware, such as a repeater, or a switch, or other standard means to extend networks. Keep in mind that PoE (Power Over Ethernet) will impose some obstacles for greatly extending the network. You should look into solutions that accommodate PoE. Or, only use PoE at the endpoint by supplying power to an injector at the endpoint (AND IP devices only accept PoE power).

Can I use the device to make a phone call?

You can go to Device Settings → SIP settings page to use the Push-to-Talk 1 and Push-to-Talk 2 fields to program the device to dial out either directly unit-to-unit, or via a registered SIP server.
When not using a SIP server, units can contact one another via their MAC addresses, or units can contact one another or SIP phones by use of a direct IPv4 address (consider an intercom connection).

When using a SIP server, you can program the device to dial to any available SIP extension or a valid number reachable by the SIP PBX. Generally speaking the SIP server/PBX must reside on the same side of any firewalls as the device in question in order for the registration process to take place.

Can I access any logs to assess issues or look at status?

Yes, each device has a log, and ClockWise Campus also provides logs. When getting support, you may need to refer to information in these logs. Accessing Device Logs
See how to access the device’s web page (link).

From the device’s web page, you can select Device Status to get access to General Status, Configuration Information, Non-Volatile Log, and Audio Packet Log. Alternately, you can access the device’s IP address as follows (replace the example IP address of with your IP address):

Accessing ClockWise Campus Logs

In ClockWise Campus, click the “Log” button near the bottom left, and you will have access to errors, warnings, and event logs as reported or discovered by ClockWise Campus. Do not confuse these logs with the device logs mentioned above. Those device logs correspond to each endpoint, and this ClockWise Campus log corresponds to ClockWise Campus, as it tries to operate and talk to devices.

How do I update an expired ClockWise Campus license?

Before your ClockWise Campus license expires, you will receive a warning message when you open the application. Once you decide to update the expired license, the application will direct you to the Configure License dialog.

Make sure your Portal Account Email Address and Password fill into the boxes. Click on the Request License button to the right.

If you have access to multiple licensing options, you will see an additional menu to select which license you would like to apply to the current machine. Otherwise, the Standard license will apply by default. For more information on the available licensing packages, please contact AND Support.

After a few moments, you will receive confirmation from our licensing server the license updated. The License Code will automatically fill in the box for you. If any errors occur during this process, they will show in the red box at the bottom of the licensing dialog with a description of the issue.

Select OK or Close the Configure License window, and ClockWise Campus will immediately launch. Refer to the Quick Start section for basics on using ClockWise Campus, available in the Customer Portal.

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